Jeter on the cover of GQ


Derek Jeter is on the cover of the April issue of GQ and, in an interview with Seth Mnookin, talks about everything from his recent contract negotiations to his private life.

It’s a pretty good read if you have the time. I suggest you check it out. I’ve highlighted some good snippets after the jump.

On keeping his image clean:

"Don’t get me wrong, it’s not like I didn’t go out and have fun. But there’s been a lot of players that come to New York and get caught up in the lifestyle, and before you know it, they’re sent away to another team because it affected their performance. My number one priority was on the field. I’ve had fun. It’s not like I’ve never gone out; I’ve done a lot of things. But I’ve always kept sight of my number one priority.A lot of times, when you say things, people will try to turn it into something else. Sometimes someone asks you a question, and if you don’t comment or dispute what they say, they’ll take it as though you agree. I’ve always been very aware of what I’m saying, but I’m also aware of what you’re saying. I always want to make sure that my point is clear."

On his new contract:

"I always said I wasn’t going to talk about it. I didn’t talk about it. I addressed it one time in the press conference, and I won’t bring it up again. In my mind, it’s over with, it’s done with. That’s how I’ve always been, and that’s how I’ll always be. I think when things linger, that’s when they become a distraction. I don’t want any distractions."

On Pettitte”

"It’s something you won’t even realize until you get to spring training. But the thing about Andy is, he left for three years to play in Houston. You don’t want to say you’re used to him not being there, but at least you have something to compare it to. There was a while there where he was gone."

On his own future:

"I think it’s the wrong mind-set to prepare for the end. I think you know when you get there. But I don’t sit here and map it out and say ‘OK, five years from now I’m done.’ Cause what if you don’t feel that way when you get there?"

On himself:

"We’ve talked about my story — I’m very fortunate to be doing exactly what I want to do for the team I’ve always wanted to play for, playing the position I’ve always wanted to play. You talk about living a dream or someone living a dream — if I went back 30 years ago and someone told me ‘Sit down and write out what your dream would be to do,’ I’d be sitting right here."

Former Page Six columnist Richard Johnson on Jeter’s love life:

"Derek Jeter could be a guru. There’s never been any kiss-and-tell stuff where a girl breaks up with Jeter and then says what a creep he is. I don’t know how he avoids it. He must have some sort of vetting process — maybe he makes them fill out a questionnaire or has a psychological profile done. He’s incredible."