Slow news day


There hasn’t been much news for the past couple of days. There rarely is this time of year. It’s one of the main reasons why I hate winter…the other being the 18 inches of snow falling from the sky.

Anywho, the biggest thing today is that the Yanks have shown interest in free agent closer Rafael Soriano. This comes as a big surprise to me because Soriano, who was with Tampa Bay last season, is used to closing and obviously he won’t be doing that with Mo around for the next couple of years. If he’s down with moving to the eighth-inning role I wouldn’t mind seeing him in pinstripes, but I don’t know how he’d feel about that.

In other reliever news, Joakim Soria says he would lift his no-trade clause to play for the Yanks. Much like Soriano, if he’s willing to move to the eighth inning I would want him. However, you just know the Royals are going to ask for the proverbial king’s ransom for him. I’d rather stick with D-Rob in the eighth if it means giving up Jesus or one the Killer Bs.

It’s not news but here is a funny cartoon about Steinbrenner I found online: