It’s good to be king


King Felix was awarded the AL Cy Young on Thursday.

I’m glad, I thought he had the best season and deserved it more than CC and the other guys despite his record. If I had a vote I would’ve voted for him too. However, I’m a little salty that David Price finished second in front of CC, but that’s a moot argument.

Felix received 21 of the 28 first-place votes while Price got four and CC three. Sure, Felix ended the season with a record of 13-12 but look at some of these crazy-ass stats:

  • He had a 0.54 ERA in four starts against the Yanks and Sox, whereas Price had a 3.61 ERA in seven starts against them.
  • He had a 2.26 ERA in 22 starts against teams with a winning record. Price had a 2.67 ERA in 21 starts against winning teams and CC a 3.32 ERA.
  • Perhaps the mind-bogglingest stat ever: In the 12 games where Felix took the loss, the Mariners scored a total of 14 runs. Holy shit. Imagine if he was on the Yanks or Rays, he’d probably win at least 25 games.

So congrats to you Felix Hernandez, consider my hat tipped.

In Yankee-related news, the team traded Juan Miranda to the D’Bags for minor league pitcher Scott Allen. I kinda wish they got another player from Arizona (I’ll give you a hint, his name rhymes with Mustin Lupton) but what can you do?