Heads have already started to roll


Less than 72 hours after being sent packing by the Texas Rangers, the Yanks have started to make changes.

The first casualty was pitching coach Dave Eiland, who was fired by GM Brian Cashman on Monday afternoon. Although Cash said that the reason was “private” and had “nothing to do with what took place in the playoffs,” you have to wonder why Eiland is gone.

Technically he wasn’t “fired” in the true sense of the word, his contract was up and they decided no to re-sign him. However, one can’t help but think that the reason for going this route is because of the rotation’s late-season slide. All conspiracy theorists can put to rest thoughts of Girardi and Eiland not getting along because Cashman said that the decision was his.

I hate to be a suspicious alouicious, but I’m really curious if his absence from the team in June and this move are somewhat related.

In other news, Girardi said that Andy Pettitte was pitching hurt throughout the playoffs. He felt tightness in his legs and back but sacked up and pitched through his start in the ALDS, but after that he was unable to throw his bullpen session and that’s why he and Philthy were switched in the ALCS. What boggles my mind is how he was pitching hurt but was still the team’s most effective hurler…at 38 years of age. Think about that for a second.

It’s stories like this that make me pray every night that he comes back for at least one more season. How many other 38 year olds would pitch through that kind of pain?

As the stove heats up and more stories emerge, I’ll keep you updated.