ARod says bye-bye to Boras


Alex Rodriguez confirmed before Friday’s game that he has officially parted ways with uber-agent Scott Boras.  In other words, thanks for the boatload of cash – now don’t let the door hit you in the a$$ on the way out.   According to ARod, “Nothing drastic happened, but at this point in my career, my goal is to finish as a New York Yankee and be a world champion again.  And some of the things I needed 20 years ago I really don’t need now.”

What Alex doesn’t need now is someone to negotiate a new contract for him, as this current deal will keep him paid for the rest of his natural life.  Leave it to ARod to be the one to make Boras a sympathetic figure.   Now, don’t get me wrong.   I don’t feel bad for Boras, who made more money from ARod’s contracts than probably all of you reading this combined will make in your lifetime.   But, this DOES seem a little dicey.   First Stephen Strasburg has to have Tommy John surgery, and now this? Does VH-1 have a “Worst Week Ever” show for Boras to appear on?  But, I’m guessing that Boras probably has a nice big tub filled with cash to roll around in to console himself.   As for ARod – he remains on track for a return to the active roster on Sunday.   Another Autumn begins for him to prove he was worth all that cash.