Yanks not getting Cliff Lee? Good.


When I woke up this morning I was futzing around on the internet and saw rumors that the Yankees were close to acquiring lefty Cliff Lee in a trade. At first I was excited that my favorite team was about to get one of the best pitchers in the game, but then my doubts arose as some questions started racing around my head.

First and foremost, who would Lee replace in the rotation? Second, what are the Yanks going to have to give up to get this guy?

With regards to the first question, I assume he would move into the second spot and the Yanks would deal Javy Vazquez for a bench player…most likely Jayson Werth. I’m never against the Yanks getting a phenomenal pitcher, but why give up Javy who has been the team’s best pitcher not named Pettitte as of recent. The only pitcher I’d want to give up is AJ Burnett, who is making ace money over the next three years and is shakier than Michael J. Fox (J/K Mike, I’ll always love you and your work).

As far as what Lee was going to cost, Sweeney Murti said it would be a package of Jesus Montero, David Adams and Zack McAllister. Three-plus months of service from Lee for one of the best prospects and two other highly-touted names is not something I’d be willing to agree to.

Spoiler Alert: Apparent”Lee” Cliff is heading to the broke-ass Texas Rangers. The Yanks wanted to get the deal done but the Mariners were more interested in shopping their prize pig around.

This could be good news for the Yanks as the Rangers, who recently filed for bankruptcy, probably won’t have the necessary means to re-sign him in the offseason and he’ll become a free agent, which would mean the Yanks could still come in and make their move without giving up any prospects.

Plus, why would the Yanks make a move to bolster their rotation when that has been the most solid aspect of the team? If they were going to make any moves — which I’m sure they will — I would rather them get some bullpen help or look for a solid bench player.

Also, the Yanks won’t have to face him tonight, they’ll go up against David Pauley. It’s a win-win.

The Yanks did make a move on Friday, as they signed veteran corner infielder Chad Tracy to a Minor League deal.