Pitching matchups, All-Stars


Here  are the pitching matchups for the series in Oakland:

Monday: Javy (6-7, 5.11) vs. Ben Sheets (3-7, 4.98) 10 p.m. (I hate West Coast road trips)

Tuesday: CC (10-3, 3.33) vs. Trevor Cahill (8-2, 2.74) 10 p.m. (Did I mention how much I hate WS road trips?)

Wednesday: AJ (6-7, 4.90) vs. Gio Gonzalez (7-5, 3.50) 10 p.m. (Did I mention how much I hate WS road trips?)

Everyone’s favorite crybaby, Dallas Braden, will not see the field (or A-Rod) as he was placed on the 15-day DL on Saturday. That’s a shame, I was looking forward to Big Al taking him deep.

In some belated news, here are the Yankees that made the All-Star game:

Starters: Jeet SS, Cano 2B

Pitchers: Phil Hughes, CC, Mo. Why CC and Phil made it while Pettitte didn’t is beyond me, but Girardi said that Pettitte will replace CC because CC is pitching the Sunday before the game and will not sniff the mound on Tuesday. This seems like an elaborate plan to get more Yanks to the game (which I have no problem with), but Pettitte not going while Phil and CC are is a crime against humanity.

Reserves: A-Rod

Final vote: Swish Dog is on the Final Vote ballot, so go to MLB.com and vote as many times as possible for him. Do it. You owe it to him.

The Yanks sit at 50-31, the only team with 50 wins, at the official half-way point of the season. They lead the AL East by 1 1/2 games over the Red Cox, who play the third-place Rays (two games back) for three games starting tonight. Hopefully those two beat up on each other and the Yanks still have a multi-game lead after their three in Oaktown.