Wicked cold guys, wicked cold


Best commercial ever? Best commercial ever.

Few commercials out there can compete with the relatively new Avis “roll call” ad, and since the Yanks don’t play tonight I thought I’d share it with you. Nothing better than seeing that chowdahead Tom get put in his place. Enjoy:

(H/T to Kevin Rozell over at Zell’s Pinstripe Blog)

Personally I like it better than the original “total domination, fuggetaboutit” ad, but that one was good too. In case you haven’t seen it:

I wonder if he’s Tahmmy from Quinzee…

In other news:

In anticipation of this weekend’s set with the Dodgers, here are some quotes (and facts) from Joe Torre about facing his former club (courtesy of @Ledger_Yankees on twitter):

"The odd thing for me is that I’m going to be over there in that dugout pulling against people I’ve never pulled against before."

"I stayed there a long time, maybe too long. But you don’t really know that until you stay there too long."

"I’m sorry to hear that to be honest with you. (re: A-Rod’s comments, or lack thereof)"

Torre, who hasn’t spoken to Cashman since before his book was published, said he called Steinbrenner to congratulate him after the World Series. Torre also said that Girardi called him to ask for his blessing before taking the Yanks managerial position.

Say what you want about Torre’s managerial skills through his last few years with the Yanks, but he was always classy as hell.