8-2 rout of the Indians on Friday night, the Yanks came back and 8-2 rout of the Indians on Friday night, the Yanks came back and 8-2 rout of the Indians on Friday night, the Yanks came back and

Worst. Loss. Ever.


After an 8-2 rout of the Indians on Friday night, the Yanks came back and looked like shit on Saturday afternoon in a 13-11 debacle.

Not only did CC (7H, 5R in 6IP) shit the bed, but the bullpen faltered like a son of a bitch. I’m not sure if it was their fault or if Girardi’s over-managing did them in, but the pitchers as a whole (sans Hughes and Pettitte) better get their act together. This was an embarrassing loss that you can’t blame on the offense.

Joba, especially, looked like an asshole on the mound. Coming in with two outs in the seventh inning, the drunken idiot gave up four runs on as many hits before recording the final out. Over his last five appearances, Joba has yielded 11 runs (10 earned) on 11 hits with three walks to six strikeouts in five innings of work. Holy shit. It seems he just can’t thrive in high-leverage situations anymore. WTF? Take a look at this stat:

  • Joba at home: 6.23 ERA, .265 BAA
  • Joba on the road: 2.84 ERA, .208 BAA

This might be Joba’s favorite song:

Plus, the game was plagued with injuries; from D-Rob’s minor back strain to David Huff taking an A-Rod liner off his head just above his left eye, it was an ugly game. The Huff play was a scary sight, as he remained face down on the mound for about five minutes before getting carted off. On his way off the field, Huff gave the crowd a thumbs up as he was given a raucous ovation. He was then taken to a hospital, where a CT scan was negative, and doctors said he never lost consciousness or memory, which is a good sign. Also, reports have surfaced on twitter that he is OK, but keep him in your prayers because nobody deserves to go out like that.

Update: According to an Indians spokesman, Huff was back with the team 30 minutes after the game.


"Your heart stops, you want so bad to take it back. You’re scared. You think of him. You think of his family. You think of a million other places that the ball could have gone other than where it did. Why there? I mean, we’re playing a game. I know it’s a business too, but for all of us, playing it should always be a game first. When something like that happens right in front of your eyes it makes you think long and hard about things much bigger than throwing or hitting a baseball or running around the bases for a few hours a day."

The hitters did their part in this slugfest. Jeet (1RBI, 3R), Swish Dog (1RBI, 2R) and Cano (3RBI, 1R) each recorded three hits while A-Rod went 2-for-4 with three RBI. Even Tex drove in a run and scored twice while Cervelli knocked in a pair.

This four-hour-and-22-minute shit-show will be followed up by Sunday’s matinee, which will see AJ go against Justin Masterson.