Tough loss is an understatement


This two-game set probably took about 10 years off my life, which is funny because it seems like the games took about 10 years to play.

What can you say about Tuesday’s setback? They blew a five-run lead in the eighth (for the third straight game), Joba looked like an a-hole (with help from Thames and a blown call at first), epic bullpen/LF/RF fail and so much more that I can barely muster the strength to write about. But I’ll give it a shot, a few thoughts:

  • That A-Rod “error” in the eighth was a load of bullshit. Tex’ foot was on the base and Scutaro should have been out. That blown call changes the whole outcome of the game. I’m so ready for robot umpires; motherfuck the “human element” of the game.
  • Angel Campos couldn’t call balls/strikes to save his life Tuesday. Robot umps where art thou?
  • Three questions: 1) Why the fuck was Winn playing so shallow on that double in the 8th? 2)Did Marcus Thames take pop-up lessons from Luis Castillo? (Side rant: Marcus Thames and Randy Winn are great bench players, but they absolutely suck ass as everyday guys. Injuries have fucked this team in the ass like a two-dollar whore.) 3)Why the fuck was Cervelli, who is hitting .488/.511/.610 with RISP for his career (albeit in only 48 PA) and is hot as a son of a bitch, bunting in the ninth? Especially with three mama lukes due up after him. Give me a break with this shit. Sometimes it seems Girardi makes some asshole decisions because he thinks he’s still managing in the NL. I can’t believe I actually miss Joe Torre (OK, that might be an exaggeration).
  • Swish Dog and Georgie must be REALLY hurting if they didn’t pinch hit for Bernie Williams Randy Winn in the ninth.
  • If they capitalize on that bases-loaded situation in the sixth, this bed-shit doesn’t happen. WAKE THE FUCK UP TEX!!!
  • Jeter has got to snap out of this funk. Please believe there will be a separate post on him tomorrow.
  • Because the offense was so inept, it seemed like they got complacent with the five-run lead, CC’s pretty good performance went down the drain. He didn’t have his best stuff but he battled and still only gave up one run (his first run to Boston in 20 innings pitched at Yankee Stadium) on four hits with five Ks to three walks over seven frames. Now he’s left standing there with his dick in his hand.
  • It seems like Girardi’s protest of Beckett’s “injury” doesn’t seem so foolish right now. Please God let that protest got through. Nothing would make me happier than to see that BS loss get wiped away.

Fun fact: Robbie Cano had 30 walks in all of 2009, Nick Johnson has 24 walks in 2010. Chew on that stat for awhile.

It took a total time of 7:56 (not including the 49-minute rain delay) to play TWO games. Maybe Joe West had a point.

Some post game quotes:


"It was one of those games, that’s all you can say. It was just one of those games…we’ll get ’em tomorrow"

"We’re human, we all make errors"

Mo is human? I don’t believe that for one second.


"I just wasn’t locating my pitches…that was the big thing, just not throwing strike one."

Yeah, that and pitching like a fucking dickhead in your past two appearances. Sac up Joba, sac the fuck up. Are you inured? Because before these last two outings you were lights out.


"I got to make that play. What happened yesterday was over with and today was a new thing…I made a bad play today."

No shit Dick Tracy. My little sister could have made that catch. Cut the bullshit before you find yourself back in AAA. Here’s a nickel’s worth of free advice: play more like you did in Game 1 of this series and less like you did in Game 2. Got it, dickhead? Although you have to give him credit (but not too much) because he cried in his postgame interview. That takes balls.

Oh well, that was just a sloppy game all around. What can you do? They got the Rays coming in for a pair of games, with AJ going against Wade Davis on Wednesday. The bullpen better correct their struggles otherwise the division race could get real ugly. GO GET ‘EM YANKS!!!! Forget about Tuesday and get back on track against the top team in the division.