Another Beantown beatdown?


Some news and notes before the Yanks and Sox play tonight for what seems like the 100th time this season:

  • CHoP, who hasn’t played since mid-April due to a hamstring injury, is expected to be has been activated from the DL. You probably think I’m going to make a diarrhea joke here. Well, you’d be wrong. Anywho, Ivan Nova got the boot back to Triple A. Unfortunately it was not Boone Logan who got sent down.
  • Vazquez will be used out of the bullpen if necessary for the Sox series. Nice, an $11.5 million set-up man.
  • Glass Joe Nick Johnson will have surgery on his right wrist and will be sidelined until July. This could mean the start of the Dye, Dye, Dye my darling era in NY. The Yanks can either sign Jermaine Dye, trade for Lance Berkman or roll the dice with Elijah Dukes. Personally, I think they’d be fine with what they have. I don’t think Dye gives you much more than what Thames can; Berkman is coming off knee surgery and I don’t want the Yanks giving up young talent for a 34-year-old DH; Dukes might be a good fit, but he’s crazy and too much of a liability. If things get out of hand and Nick the Stick doesn’t come back strong — God forbid — they can always make a move at the deadline.
  • Check out C-Grizzle’s blog post about what it’s like to be on the DL. It’s some interesting-ass shit, I promise.
  • Finally, pardon the shameless self-promotion but check out my appearance on Sports Radio NY 1240 AM (fast forward to the 36-minute mark) from Sunday night. It’s a doozy.

Tonight the Yanks will take on the Sawx in the seventh installment of their 2010 rivalry. The Good Guys will be looking to move to 5-2 against those scrappy, small-market, gritty grittsters from Boston. The Red Sox are a bunch of tough guys…them and their brothers.

Here is tonight’s lineup:

  1. Jeet SS
  2. Gardner CF
  3. Tex 1B
  4. A-Rod DH
  5. Cano 2B
  6. Cervelli C
  7. Thames RF
  8. Winn LF
  9. Ramiro Pena 3B

Two things strike me as odd with this lineup. One, why isn’t Posada playing? Two, why is A-Rod DHing? The only things I can think of is that A-Rod’s injury is worse than the Yanks are letting on and Georgie isn’t 100%. That’s the only reason Ramiro Pena should be getting at-bats against the Sox. Cervelli I don’t have a problem with because he’s been hitting. Oh well, bitching won’t do anything about it. LET’S GO YANKS!!!