Some thoughts after watching Monday’s game

  1. Jeter: Stop swinging at the first pitch! You do know it’s a contract year, right? Your .286 AVG and .324 OBP are very unJeterian.
  3. Meat Tray: You looked shaky at times, but you also showed signs of greatness. I’ll take that spot start from you.
  4. Joba: I love the velocity. I’m just curious as to why Girardi won’t let you pitch for more than an inning/four outs? I WANT ANSWERS!!!!!
  5. D-Rob: You looked better on Monday…like 2009 postseason better. Keep at it.
  6. Javier Vazquez — JAVIER VAZQUEZ — will be playing the role of stopper as he takes the mound on Tuesday. To steal a line from Bill Simmons: I will now set myself on fire.
  7. Tex: I like your style, four homers in nine at-bats. I too hate April now.
  8. Boone Logan: You are SO lucky you’re a lefty.
  9. Yanks hitters: 1-for-10 with RISP and nine men left on base? Give me a f’ing break, the bottom of the order especially.
  10. I have no problem with Jose Valverde’s antics on the mound; I think characters like that are entertaining and good for baseball. However, if ESPN and other MSM outlets slam Joba for celebrating strikeouts then they better crush this guy. Talk about hypocrisy.

Some postgame quotes:

Girardi on Boone Logan, Zumaya and Mitre:

"The walks hurt him (Logan)…Boesch…that ended up being a big run, the difference in the game. He’ll bounce back.We had a few missed opportunities tonight. Zumaya did a good job, we finally got to him in the eighth inning and had some chances, we just didn’t get enough.He (Mitre) did OK, he got a lot of ground balls, he gave up some ground-ball hits but for the most part I thought he threw the ball pretty well."

Jeter on Magglio’s catch, Tigers’ pitching and Damon:

"I don’t really look where people are playing when I’m hitting, but he made a good catch. He was positioned perfectly."

"They pitched well, they made some good pitches."

"Johnny likes playing games like this. We’ve seen him do it against us before and for us."


"I always have fire, always trying to beat the other team…I’m just proud of our guys. We played solid baseball and against a team that was ready. Even though they got in at four in the morning, those guys know how to get ready for a game and they just about pulled this one off tonight.It (homer) feels good. I hope I hit home runs off every team we face. Fortunately I was able to put a good swing on it."


"That bullpen kept us at bay. They did a good job. Zumaya came in and did a good job…We left too many guys on base…me, personally, I have to do a better job at that."