The Price is Right


Oh well, you can’t win ’em all.

David Price WAS ON tonight, that’s all I can say. I’m just glad the Yanks mustered any sort of offense off of him. Despite getting the shit knocked out of them, there were some positives to come out of Friday’s 9-3 setback to the Rays. Mainly, it’s important to remember that they dropped the first game to the Sox last series before proceeding to take the next two from them. So…that’s something.


  • Nick The Stick finagled his first hit of the season, which broke up a no hitter
  • A-Rod had a VERY impressive triple
  • Javy looked good (for the most part) despite a few clunker innings. I think his positives outweighed his negatives. Hey, it was just his first start of the season. There will be (hopefully) 30-or-so more starts for him
  • The Rays didn’t kill the Yanks bullpen
  • Posada has reached base safely in every game this season
  • We don’t have to wait two days after this loss to watch another game

Now, we get to the negatives:

  • Why the f*ck was Thames starting in place of Gardner?
  • How do they only get three walks?
  • Tex: 0-for-12 isn’t cool. Get your motherf*cking head on a Godd*mn swivel. SAC UP!!!!

Oh well, it was only the fourth game of the season. The Yanks will get better…they won’t have to face Price every night, THANK GOD.

Some quotes from the postgame:


"I made good pitches the first three innings. After that I didn’t make good pitches…The bottom line is I got hit hard in those couple of innings…To lose this game is disappointing…Some things I was doing I guess were correctable…I made a lot of mistakes in the zone and I got hit hard."


"It’s just one of those things that we have to corresct. He knows what he did…He’s got a very good arm."


"He (Price) threw the ball extremely well. His command of his fastball was good, his curveball was excellent tonight…You worry about a guy that’s younger more than you do a guy that’s experienced. He’s (Javy) been through this and he’s had to bounce back"

Tomorrow the Yanks got CC going against Wade Davis at 3:10, so that should be a good one. Hopefully they can bounce back and move above .500.