Joe Buck’s wife: HALF!!!!


It seems it’s not just sports fans that hate Joe Buck, now even HIS OWN WIFE can’t stand him. Everybody’s least favorite sportscaster and his wife of 15 years are “taking a break,” according to Buck’s mother. Somewhere out there Artie Lange is smiling.

Now I would never wish divorce upon anybody, it’s bad news and can really mess up a person’s head. But if it had to be someone I’m glad it’s the Buckster. My reasoning is three-fold; first, he’s just so smug. That SOB thinks he’s God’s gift to color commentating, but in reality he couldn’t call a game to save his life. Second, he botches games all the time and shows no emotion in doing so. Correct me if I’m wrong, but wasn’t it Buck’s late father who instructed folks to “go crazy”? I guess that apple fell FAR from the tree; apparently good broadcasting genes skip a generation (at least in this case). And finally, he lets his bias show when he’s calling a game. In the 2008 WS he was so clearly pulling for the Rays, then last year he was so vehemently rooting against the Yankees (among every other time he does a Yanks game). I have no problem if a guy is calling a game for a local broadcast and lets his bias shine through (see: Michael Kay on YES), but if you’re doing a nationally televised game you’d better call it as you see it. It’s wrong, it’s WROOOOONG!!

I hope that 42-year-old twit gets taken to the cleaners and given the Kirk Van Houten treatment:

"Fox Executive: Joe, sports is a family thing – happy families. Maybe single people watch sports, we don’t know. Frankly, we don’t want to know. It’s a market we could do without!Joe: So that’s it after all this time, “So long, good luck?”Fox Executive: I don’t recall saying good luck."

Let’s hope Eddie Murphy was right. The best-case scenario is that he is unable to do the FOX Game of the Week anymore. Nothing would make me happier than seeing that smug bastard get the shit-eating grin wiped off his face. Plus we’d all get to watch the Yankees in peace without having to listen to Joey.

"Troy Aikman: You’re absolutely right, Andrew. I hate him too."

All kidding aside, I do wish Joe Buck well and hope everything works out for him…I just don’t want to be subjected to his sub-par commentating skills anymore. Joe Buck makes Suzyn Waldman look like a Hall of Fame broadcaster; that takes talent.

Aside from his lack of broadcasting skills, he’s probably a good person. I just don’t want to hear him when I go to watch a game on FOX. That station could do a lot better than Joe Buck.