Breaking news: Alex Rodriguez and Derek Jeter are good at baseball


I hope these links help thaw you out, as we here in the Northeast are bracing for a “hurricane-like snowstorm”. I think we can all put the Global Warming theories to rest.

  • Not sure if you were aware or not, but A-Rod and Jeet are pretty good at baseball and will probably break some records. Not just records for contracts but actual baseball records. Now I don’t feel so bitter that I have to sell blood to afford tickets to games.
  • Nobody F***s with Jesus.” Unless they are trying to work on his defense, which needs help. But, hey, this kid can hit. I’m not sure if PECOTA is smoking crack, but those projections are sexy. Maybe not realistic, but dead sexy.
  • Grandy’s struggles against lefties are over…he got contact lenses. Imagine if that was the problem, boy would the Tigers feel stupid.
  • Check out this graph featuring MLB stadiums and their names. It’s a good way to waste some time.
  • Can you imagine Captain in a uniform besides the pinstripes? Neither can he. Neither can I. And if the Yanks don’t re-sign him I will never follow sports again, lose faith in humanity, not believe in anything and go to law school.
  • There’s much less stress on A-Rod this season. Print that right next to the article about how water is wet.
  • Grandy excited about winning a title. I’m glad he wants to win, but has any player ever went to a new team and said, “I really don’t give a shit about winning. I just want to get paid.”? You know, besides Johnny Damon.
  • CC feeling at home with the Yanks. Nice, now go and throw another 500 innings this season and win a second title. Then we can all feel comfy.
  • Ch-Ch-Ch-Ch-Changeups. Just gunna have to be a different man. Time may change Phil, but Phil can’t change time. (Sorry, I’ve had Bowie stuck in my head for the last couple of days) Anywho, Phil Hughes is looking to bolster his stuff with a changeup in an effort to secure that last spot in the rotation. Nice, whatever he’s got to do to keep Joba in the ‘pen I’m all for.
  • Robbie Cano: a golden glover? Umm, no comment.
  • Swish Dog got a new ‘do. Good, he looked like an asshole with that mohawk anyway.
  • And your non-Yankees link of the day: Some broad is trying to blow up Jerry Seinfeld’s spot by writing a tell-all book. Jesus Christ, I don’t know why every dame in the country who was jilted by a famous person thinks it’s her duty to dish out all the details. Leave him be, he made one of the best shows ever. He might be a “commitmentphobe” but, newsflash, Susan McNabb you aren’t really a looker. Suzie, if you were faced with becoming one of the most famous comedians in the world or being tied down, what would you have done?