Happy Birthday Babe Ruth!


Arguably the greatest baseball player ever, George Herman “Babe” Ruth, is up in heaven celebrating his 115th birthday today.

What he’s done for the Yankees organization (let alone the game of baseball) need not be stated; it would take too long to type all of his achievements and I don’t have the patience. But he was a giant among men. He could basically hit a home run on command…and he was a shut-down pitcher for a while. Imagine a player who could pitch a lot better than Mo AND hit a lot better than Pujols — that was The Babe.

Plus he was a fat slob. I’m not trying to glorify gluttony here, but just think about how hard players are supposed to train. Babe never did anything but drink beers, eat hot dogs and run through hookers — the game came naturally to him. He was like the original Lawrence Taylor (minus the crack abuse) in that sense. I wish I could have seen him play.

Also, we can’t forget the sage advice he gave Benny The Jet, “Remember kid, there’s heroes and there’s legends. Heroes get remembered but legends never die, follow your heart kid and you’ll never go wrong.” So true, so true.

So in honor of The Bambino’s b-day Saturday I’m going to eat about 15 hot dogs, drink like 20 beers, and get a steady flow of hookers. I just hope I don’t get cancer.