PECOTA smartens up, picks Yanks to win AL East


Happy Groundhog day! Here are some links to help you forget about those six more weeks of Winter:

  • Rich Aurilia wants to play for the Yanks or the Mets. Yikes. Send him to Flushing, the Yanks already have enough players in their late 30s. No chance they sign Richie Rich if they are indeed trying to get younger.
  • This is  priceless. Now PLAYERS are trashing the Mets. I love it! Can that franchise get any more dysfunctional? I sure hope so.
  • Boston fans being jagoffs? Color me surprised, I never would have thunk it…To answer that post’s question: yes. In fact it is very lame.
  • Bern baby, Bern. It’s never a bad thing seeing Bernie The Wonder Dog! Ever.
  • Looks like The Caveman might have found a suitor. Good for him and I wish him well. Seriously. I know I have talked a lot of $h!t on Johnny recently, but he really was instrumental in #27. That double steal? A thing of beauty. However, I don’t agree with his contract demands, BS attitude and always going for the money (even though that worked out awesomely).
  • Perhaps those Joe Mauer rumors were a bit premature. Oh well, he’ll get the deal he deserves. If the Twins don’t cough up the dough for him, then they really should be contracted. That would be a slap in the face of all their fans.
  • Here are some tips on not getting thrown out of a baseball game. Did I mention it’s advice from the Say Hey Kid? Unfortunately, he has no tips on avoiding playing for the Mets.