Yankees making moves


With about 74 days left until Opening Day, the Yankees are busy finalizing their roster. Here are all the links you need to stay in the know:

  • The Yanks have come to terms with Gaudin and Logan, avoiding arbitration. Gaudin will have a chance to compete for the fifth starter’s spot, while Logan will most likely fill in for the departed Phil Coke.
  • Jack-of-all-trades Jerry Hairston has signed to play alongside his brother in San Diego. It’s a good move for him, but I’m sad to see him go. He was a solid bench player and I’ll miss him.
  • The X-Man might be headed to Chi-Town. Free agent Xavier Nady will apparently be ready to go by Spring Training; the only question is: Who wants him? The answer: The Cubs. Only the Cubbies would go after a guy coming off his second Tommy John Surgery…
  • I don’t know who this is more disrespectful to: Yankees fans or Curt Schilling?
  • The 10 best hits of 2009. I don’t know how No. 4 was not higher up there. That was awesome.
  • Breaking News: Derek Jeter is awesome.
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