Yanks would be foolish to go after Halladay


The Yankees brass started their offseason meetings in Tampa on Wednesday, and one of the biggest questions they’ll face is whether or not to go after Toronto ace Roy Halladay. Despite the fact that he is a bona fide Yankee killer, I do not feel the Yanks should make a move for him.

First of all it would mean sacrificing young talent. The Blew Jays want (at least) an MLB-ready arm and a top hitting prospect in return for Roy. That’s not so bad. But when you think about it, that means either Joba or Phil Hughes along with Jesus Montero or Austin Jackson. That’s not an unreasonable asking price for one of the best pitchers in the game, however, Phil and Joba are supposed to be the future of the pitching staff.

The pair was held out of the discussion in the Johan Santana trade talks a couple of years back and has been highly touted since breaking into the Majors. But now they could be used in a trade for a pitcher who will be 33 next May and isn’t signed beyond 2010? That doesn’t make sense to me. Plus, Hughes had a great regular season (although he kind of shit the bed on October) and Joba showed signs of greatness here and there. The Yanks better hold on to those guys.

Furthermore, Jesus Montero is a solid catcher that could be the next Posada (but who knows with Cervelli looming) and Austin Jackson is an up-and-coming outfielder that could keep the team’s costs low if they need someone in the OF. If the Yankees trade away this young talent then they’d be reverting back to their old ways, which worked very well in the late 90’s but then depleted the farm system for seasons to come. Cashman: don’t go down that road again…although another three-peat wouldn’t be a bad thing.

On the other hand, I said the same thing about CC last offseason. I believe I was quoted as saying, “He (Sabathia) threw 494 innings over the past two years (in 07 & 08)! His arm is going to fall off. The Yanks are foolish if they go after him.” We all know how that turned out…So maybe my opinion doesn’t matter.

Regardless if the Yanks get Doc or not they are still the defending World Series champions, SO WHO CARES? They’ll still beat anybody that steps in their way, with or without Mr. Halladay. To sum it all up: I don’t think the Yanks should sacrifice young talent to get Halladay, but I definitely wouldn’t scoff at a rotation consisting of CC, AJ and Doc.

On another note: Does anyone else miss baseball yet? 122 more days until the Yanks are introduced as the defending WFCs on Opening Day in Fenway Park, let’s go Yanks!!!!!!!