Scott Boras has got some balls


Apparently Scott Boras is seeking a four-year deal for free-agent LF Johnny Damon, much longer than the 1 to 2 year deal the Yanks are looking to give him. Does Mr. Boras know that Damon is 36 years old? And can barely play the outfield?

Nobody is denying what his bat can still do (and did this past season), but a four-year deal for Johnny is nuts. That double steal in Game 4 off Lidge was priceless, but not a four-year-deal priceless. Isn’t this the same Johnny Damon who wanted to quit prior to the 2007 season? Now, three years later, he wants a four-year deal? Tell him to go get fucked. I really hope this is Boras’ doing and Damon is just along for the ride. I’d lose a lot of respect for JD if he would pull a stunt like this.

Don’t get me wrong, Damon was a key component of the 2009 WS. However, he can’t play the field to save his life and he’s not getting any younger. Watching him track down a fly ball is incredibly nerve wracking. You don’t know if he’s going to make a catch, slam into the wall or make an ass out of himself (see: above photo).

Here are some of the cards Boras tried to play in order to get The Caveman a new four-year deal in Pinstripes:

  • By hitting second, Damon (in addition to having a great year) enabled Jeter to also have a great season. Fair enough, I can give him that. It may be true to a certain point, but that doesn’t warrant giving a four-year deal to a 36-year-old. You could point out that Posada got a four-year deal when he was 36, but a great catcher is more valuable than a broken-down, sub-par left fielder. No dice: eat shit and die Scotty.
  • Damon and Jeter had similar years the past three seasons, so whatever Jeter gets Damon should get similar consideration. While the numbers are similar, and their ages are about the same (Damon is 7 months older), don’t ever compare Derek Jeter and Johnny Damon. That’s just stupid. Damon shouldn’t get similar money to what Jeter gets, he’s not as valuable as El Capitan. Period. Choke on your own shit Boras.
  • Johnny Damon has “the body of a 30-year-old”, and is “the Greg Maddux of position players when it comes to durability.” First of all, and I know he was only talking about durability, but has he looked at Maddux’ numbers after the age of 36? They’re not pretty. Second, he has played at least 140 games in 14 straight seasons, granted only four other players in MLB history have done that, but when does his body start to break down? No chance he lasts four more years.

Did the Yankees not learn anything from the whole A-Rod/Boras saga? They should just stop dealing with this A-hole. He’s no good for baseball and he’s no good to negotiate with. He’s a scumbag, plain and simple. If a player is represented by Scott Boras the Yanks shouldn’t do business with him.

I say the Yanks offer Damon a max two-year deal, and if he scoffs then let him go. He’s too old and will likely become a DH soon. Plus, if (God forbid) the Yanks do give Damon another four-year deal, will he consider retiring one season in? Again.