Thanks to some timely pitching from Andy (can I) Pettitte, and some errors from the Angels, the New York Yankees are going to the World Series for the 40th time in franchise history.

The Bronx Bombers will take on the Philadelphia Phillies in a revenge matchup from the 1950 World Series.

Some things that scare me:

  • The Phillies remind me of the Yankees teams from the late 90s that always found ways to win. The Yanks can’t take them for granted.
  • The Yanks had trouble with the Angels, how are they going to deal with Philly’s brutal lineup? Howard, Utley and especially Werth strike fear into my heart.
  • Cliff Lee frightens the shit out of me. If he’s on, then it could be lights out for the Yanks.
  • New York’s bats went limp in the ALCS; if they (Swisher, Tex, among others, I’m looking at you) don’t start hitting it could be a very short series.
  • Philly’s home-field advantage is absurd. Their fans are nuts and very capable of getting in opponents’ heads.
  • AJ Burnett. I’m glad he’s getting a home start, he kind of shits the bed on the road sometimes. If he throws the way he’s capable of, and not like this, then the Yanks are in business.

Regardless of my fears, I think this could be the best World Series in a LONG time. LET’S GO YANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!