Wanted: two tickets to Game 6


They’re not for me, I swear.

We need Mystique and Aura to be there to cheer on  and support the Yankees in Game 6.

Weather permitting, the Yanks and Angels will resume the ALCS on Saturday night in the Bronx at the new Yankee Stadium. I’m confident NYY will take Game 6 but it wouldn’t shock me if the Angels pull off some BS miracle win.

If the Yanks don’t hit like they are capable of, get a solid start from Pettitte, and play the way they’ve been all regular season then they’ll wind up pulling another…I’m not going there.

This game could be one for the ages; if the Yanks win they go to their 40th World Series and christen the new Yankee Stadium with a pennant. With nearly every game being exciting this series expect a good Game 6 sometime this weekend. Who knows, I might even wind up dropping the new and start referring to it simply as Yankee Stadium. Who could hate a place that birthed a World Series appearance in its first season?

If they lose, however, they’ll be teetering on the brink of (yet another) one of the worst collapses in MLB history. Let’s go Yanks: we want an ’03 ending not an ’04 heartbreak.

Pettitte is going for the good guys while Joe Saunders gets the nod for the Halos. Pettitte has solid numbers in potential clinching games in the playoffs, with the lone bed shit (more or less) being Game 6 in the ’01 WS. That being said, I wouldn’t be opposed to Girardi sending CC out for Game 6 if it gets rained out on Saturday.

I know Girardi  said Pettitte was starting regardless of a rain out, but why not pitch CC on Sunday for Game 6 (in the event of a rain out on Saturday) if he was going to pitch Game 7 that day anyway? If his reasoning is he wants CC to be ready for the WS then it makes more sense to start him on Sunday in a Game 6, with the potential Game 7 being on Monday and the WS starting Wednesday.

Furthermore, I think it would behoove Girardi to start Gardner in lieu of Swisher and move Melky to right field. Swish hasn’t done shit the entire series and there’s no reason to believe he’s going to start now. Plus, Gardner used to be the starting CF before he got injured and now that he’s healthy he barely gets to play? That’s BS. Gardner is a serious threat on the basepath and solid in center; he’s too valuable to be on the bench. Worst case scenario, Swisher could pinch hit.

Either way, LET’S GO YANKS!!!!!!