Damn Yankees Again


I just came from a community theater production of Damn Yankees, and during the third bland dance number (or fourth, or fifth, they blended together), I couldn’t help but smile.  The Yankees were so dominant for so long that some poor schmuck felt the need to write a musical about how badly he wanted the Yankees to lose.

For those of you who don’t know, Damn Yankees stars Joe Boyd, a 50-something Washington Senators fan who hates those damn Yankees for pounding on his beloved team.  Joe is so desperate for a pennant that he makes a deal with the devil to transform him into a 22 year old Joe Hardy, who hits over .500 for the Senators en route to an American League Championship.

The plot isn’t the point.  The point is the Yankees got under people’s skin in the 1950s.  Non-Yankee fans HATED the Yankees.  They always won, and they knew it.

The Yankees are reclaiming this glory.  In recent years the Red Sox hold the Most Hated Team belt.  Their team is good, their players are dirty (not unsportsmanlike, but unhygienic.  What women would kiss Kevin Youkilis for less than $500 an hour?), and their fans are insufferable.  It’s time to recapture the title Yankee fans.  We don’t have to be as annoying, but our team is better and our players are just as ridiculous.  Swisher, AJ, Damon, Melky…they’re ridiculous!  C’mon Yankee fans, band together and help the Bombers become the most hated team in America once again.  More to follow in the days ahead…