Erik B. & Rakim’s “Lyrics Of Fury”


Every now and then, I’ll post up some videos of some dope music or at least what I think is dope music. I’m an old school dude, growing up in Queens, NY for about three decades before moving to Long Island when I got married. In any case, my formidable years were during the 1980s when I breakdanced in the street and subways, did a ridiculous Michael Jackson (pre-reverse tan) impersonation that had girls coming to my house just to see, and actually saw “Krush Groove,” the “Breakin'” movies, and “Beat Street” in the movie theaters!

But anyway, check out this video by one of the greatest groups in hip hop. Rakim is my favorite MC of all time and some will argue he’s THE BEST MC of all time. It’s hard to argue considering how much he influenced many MCs, such as Nas, that in turn influenced other rappers. I don’t think “Lyrics of Fury” is their most popular song thanks to others such as “Microphone Fiend,” “Follow The Leader,” “Don’t Sweat The Technique,” “Paid in Full,” “Juice (Know The Ledge)”… oh man, they have so many, just hitting it hard… oh yeah, let’s not forget “Let The Rhythm Hit ‘Em” by the way. Anyway, I do think “Lyrics of Fury” is badass and that beat is very indicative of what the late 80s were sounding like, but adding Rakim’s spit on it… CRAZY!

Okay, enough, check the vid and leave some comments. Old school cats, let’s jam on this… new peeps that never heard Rakim, let me know what it’s like to hear a legend.