Game 3 Preview @ Baltimore Orioles


This afternoon, the third game of the season goes down at 1:35 PM ET in the thus far accursed Camden Yards. The other high-priced free-agent pitcher the Yanks signed during the offseason, AJ Burnett, takes the hill and will try not to put fudge in the back of his jockstrap the way CC Sabathia seemed to do in his first outing as a newly-minted Yankees millionaire. Will Burnett stop the ishfest that continued with Chien-Ming Wang in the second game? Is there pressure on Burnett to produce and stop this couplet of Ls? OF COURSE!

Luckily, however, with Sabathia’s less-than-stellar performance, there won’t be as much of a vice grip on Burnett because, let’s face it, if the number one guy screws up and the number two as well, what do you expect from el numero tres hombre? Oh wait, I’m being stupid… this is the Yankees universe we’re in, so let me be more honest here in this post:

Hey, Burnett, don’t wet your panties, okay? No pressure at all, buddy! BUT, if you don’t pitch well tonight then I will make sure EVERY PERSON that owns a Burnett jersey burns it or uses it as toilet paper! Again, no pressure!

GO AJ!!!