Game 2 Preview @ Baltimore Orioles


OMG! OMG! OMG! The sky is falling! The New York Yankees lost their first game of the season! There’s a wolf amongst the sheep and his name is Ron Jeremy! Oh the humanity! Okay, so it’s really not all that dramatic. However, if I was a sheep, I would still clench as hard as possible if Mr. Jeremy were around.

Tonight at 7:05 PM ET in beautiful Camden Yards in Baltimore, the Yankees put Chien-Ming Wang on the mound to try to quiet the Baltimore Orioles’ bats and regain the lost respect and fear the Yankees once lay claim to before losing their first and only game of the 2009 season. How could they do that?!?!?! Not the Yankees! Not CC Sabathia! They’re not allowed to lose and/or have a bad pitching game! The nerve!

So, it’s time to pull the Yankees’ Wang out and show the world once again how dominant the Yankees are. Hopefully he looks better on the mound than he does in a cheerleader’s outfit. Serve ’em, Wang, serve ’em!