Them’s Fighting Words! Baltimore Orioles Series (April 6,8,9)


As much as I can, I’d love to give the respective’s opposing team blogger an opportunity to boast and breakdown why the team he is covering and loves will beat our beloved New York Yankees. In turn, I will have my words on his/her blog letting them know why the New York Yankees will wreck shop and beat the respective team. Hence this section… THEM’S FIGHTING WORDS!

In this first edition of Them’s Fighting Words!, I invited Michael from Birds Watchers,’s Baltimore Orioles blog, to trade barbs with… he graciously accepted. The New York Yankees open their season with a three-game set at Baltimore on 4.6, 4.8, and 4.9. Below are Michael’s words:
The game against the Yankees is the one we have been waiting for all off-season, and not just because its opening day. I would like to see nothing more than for the O’s to sweep the team that is trying to buy a championship. We are going to head out to the ballpark Monday, and boo the shit out of Teixeira, the backstabbing trader who may get hotdogs thrown at him. Recently Yankee fans have been taken over the yard, but this game, they are in for trouble. Last season we started to take the yard back from Sox and Yankee fans (using fans loosely), which ended in fights. To all you Yankee fans, get the fuck out of here, this is birdland!

Guthrie will be the opening day starter, which comes to no surprise. Guts finished last season with a 3.63 era, but unfortunately couldn’t get the offense to click when he was on the mound to make his win total a lot higher. During his limited spring training appearances he got smacked around, however, we are not worried at all that he won’t be ready for opening day.

For you dumb ass bandwagon Yankee fans, Nick Markakis is our best player. He easily could of won a gold glove last season, but was not recognized due to the teams lack of success. Markakis is more than a great fielder, he is also a very good hitter. He ended last season with a .306 avg, with 20 shots over the fence.

The reason we will beat the Yankees is because we have heart. We don’t have skill the Yankees put on the field, but our players love the game. Most of the Yankee players are just greedy ass guys, that care more about what the tabloids say them, then winning a championship; not to say all. Brian Roberts, Nick Markakis, Melvin Mora, Luke Scott; them guys play the game for the love of the game. They are all great players, but you never see them complaining to the media when the team loses. The guys just go out onto the field game after game and do what they love. My prediction is that the O’s will take the first two games, and the yanks will take the third. I would like to add one more note to the Yankee fans. Just because you are loud and obnoxious does not mean you are good fans, and that we respect you, because we don‘t. Alright, this will honestly be my last comment, FUCK YOU YANKEES.

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