Mark Teixeira Mashes To Help Yanks Beat Cubs


In their final tune-up before starting the regular season on Monday at the Baltimore Orioles’ Camden Yards, the New York Yankees layeth the smacketh down on the Chicago Cubs, beating the Windy City NL team 10-1. Mark Teixeira continued to rake at the plate, going 2-for-3 including two homeruns and driving in four runs. Markenstein ends his first Yankees spring training, hitting .433 with five villagers over the fence and 15 RBIs. Thus far, Teixeira is rewarding the Yankees with his hitting, but can he do it when everything counts during the regular season, and to “earn” your pinstripes, the postseason? Time will obviously tell (what a cliche), but right now, who can complain about the Yankees giving him all that money and all those years? He’s been worth it thus far.

Derek Jeter also hit a three-run homer, reminding us not to forget about him, even though he’s basically a living legend and overexposed at your local Modell’s. It seems that the leadoff spot is suiting him just fine. Andy Pettitte went four innings, giving up six hits and one walk, striking out two, and allowing one run to cross the plate. AJ Burnett pitched four more innings for the Yanks, dealing for four innings, giving up only two hits and one walk, while striking out six and giving up zero runs.

The Yankees end the spring with a 10-game winning streak, finishing with a record of 24-10 and finishing in first place in the Grapefruit League. The Bombers led the Grapefruit league in runs scored (207) and was also best in runs allowed (133). However, when you consider the Cactus League teams, the Yankees only finish in ninth in the runs scored category, but still best overall in runs allowed.

The start of the season on Monday can’t happen fast enough.