For all those that have been lucky enough to go to a Yankees game, you will know about the Bleacher Creatures. They are a hyper, ragtag, bunch of people that make their fandom known from the cheap seats. They keep it grimy, but mostly because they all get drunk before the game since no alcohol is allowed in the bleachers. Kidding! Sort of…

Anyway, with last night’s first game at the new Yankee Stadium came the first traditional roll call from beyond the wall at the top of the first inning when the Yankees are on the field. I’ve been lucky enough (read: poor enough) to sit in the bleachers when this happens and nothing beats the one minute madness that ensues with acknowledgment from the players. One time, the best Yankees fans on earth were calling out to Roger Clemens, who didn’t acknowledge them… he got booed. Seriously, even if you need to concentrate and pitch, you can’t deny the Bleacher Creatures!!!