Yanking The Chain… CC Wins, Joba Guilty, Jeter First, Sheppard Retires


Howdy, folks, first of all, apologies for any inconvenience yesterday if you tried to access the blog and was met with an unfriendly error message, but because of the FanSided sports network’s growth (this very blog being a part of that), we needed to migrate on over to another server. Thus, no Yanks Go Yard for several hours. BUT, we’re back!

Every now and then, when time just isn’t on my side for whatever reason, I’ll yank the chain. No, not while browsing the latest pictures of scantily-clad women or various burgers throughout the world. What I mean is I’ll collect a bunch of links from around the interwebs about our beloved New York Yankees, write a sentence or two about the link, and since there will be a few links involved, it creates a chain!!! You see, you see… that’s why I call this section “Yanking The Chain”… wow, I’m a genius.

  • CC Sabathia won again, Mark Teixeira is a straight-up masher, and Hideki Matsui ain’t a playa, he just crushes a lot [Yankees beat Phillies]
  • Joba Chamberlain gets probation and fined for his DUI last October [ESPN]
  • Derek Jeter’s switch with Johnny Damon in the batting order is a done deal [Yahoo! Sports]
  • Bob Sheppard could be calling it quits when it comes to being the voice of Yankee Stadium [NY Times]