Who Is Cody Ransom?


There’s this Alex Rodriguez guy, you might have heard of him, who is currently out due to hip surgery rehabilitation and won’t return until mid-May or so. Since Rodriguez is the New York Yankees regular starting third baseman, someone needs to fill in for him while he’s out. Enter Cody Ransom.

But, who is Cody Ransom?

He’s a career upper-downer, going back and forth between the minor leagues and majors in the 11 seasons he’s played professional ball. He was drafted in the ninth round (278th overall) of the 1998 MLB Amateur Draft by the San Francisco Giants. He debuted with the Giants on September 5, 2001 and in every season he’s played, Ransom has played in the minors and owns career numbers of .242 BA; .747 OPS; 162 HR; 576 RBI; 643 R; 1173 K; 474 BB; 126 SB in 1193 games. In the majors, his numbers aren’t all that better, as he hit .251 BA; .780 OPS; 7 HR; 24 RBI; 41 R; 58 K; 23 BB; 2 SB in 166 games.

I don’t know about you guys, but I’m not feeling really excited about this. However, maybe he somehow continues the trend he established in a very small sample size of statistics last year when he was called up by the Yankees – .302 BA; 1.051 OPS; 4 HR; 8 RBI; 9 R; 12 K; 6 BB; 0 SB in 33 games (43 AB). If Ransom does, who needs A-Rod? Okay, let’s not go crazy.

However, what is crazy is Ransom’s hops! Tip of the hat to The NY Post for posting this up, which they were tipped to by Johnny Damon when he said that Ransom was the best athlete on the team. Maybe he’s in the wrong sport, and boy does Ransom’s numbers prove that, but the video below is jaw-dropping:

So, who thinks the New York Knicks should sign this guy? It looks like he’d fit right in with Mike D’Antoni’s run and gun offense. Actually, nevermind, LeBron James is coming. Besides, the only stroke Ransom should work on is the one with a bat in his hands… okay, let me clarify, literally with a baseball bat in his hands, not a euphemistic “bat”. Pervs.