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How On Earth Can The Yankees Get Giancarlo Stanton?

I’ve spent most of this year trying to figure out how to plan for the future, save young talent, maybe sell some big contracts if we can, become an “average” spending team. However, this time, I am taking a look in the complete opposite direction. We are already in the hole for years to come and we are still lacking at multiple positions. So really, in the grand scheme of things, what is one more expensive contract if it brings us deep into the playoffs? Did I mention that this one would be for a player that hasn’t even reached his prime yet? I am talking about none other than Giancarlo Stanton.

The face of the Marlins, Stanton is one of the best outfielders in the game. He has epic home run power, a decent arm in right, and he is only 24-years-old. Yes, the 6’6″ South Florida legend is still on the right side of 25. While he was known for just his power earlier in his career, every year he has been decreasing his strikeouts and increasing his walk rate, leading to a higher OBP and now a higher AVG as well. He is in his first year of arbitration, and is under team control through the 2016 season. I look at Yankee Stadium, I look at Stanton’s swing, and I see a guy who will hit over 50 home runs without having to use steroids.

There’s just one problem with Stanton – he plays for the Miami Marlins, one of the most fickle teams in baseball. Say what you will about their fire sales, but they almost always end up winning a trade. So the Yankees would have to be prepared to give up the farm in order to land the Southern California native. I’m not far from the truth here. We do not have top overall prospects. It would take a massive haul of our prospects to land him. Think of your favorite prospect right now. Gary Sanchez? Gone. Jose Pirela? Gone. Rob Refsnyder? He’s out of here! Brian Cashman should approach the Marlins with a roster of each of our teams, and tell GM Dan Jennings to pick what he wants. Stanton is that special.

I know what you are saying. Actually, it’s probably a lot. Scott, we need pitching. Scott, we need those guys because they are our future. Scott, you’re completely wrong. I agree with your first two sentiments kind reader. We do need pitching. Those guys could possibly also be our future. However, the Yankees are a win-now team. Fans are not willing to settle for 3rd and, Babe Ruth forbid, 4th place. It just cannot happen. An outfield of Brett Gardner, Jacoby Ellsbury, and Giancarlo Stanton makes the Bronx outfield hands down the best in baseball.

In terms of pitching, that is one area that the Marlins take the most pride in. Their minor league pitchers historically always have a great chance of making the pro squad and their current Double-A and Triple-A teams are no exception. If we are losing the farm for Stanton anyway, we may as well throw in one more guy and land some of their surplus pitching as well. Sending Sanchez, Refsnyder, Pirela, and one or two more for these pieces should be a no-brainer.

Lastly there is the case of Alex Rodriguez. The biggest jerk in sports still has 3 years left on his contract after the 2014 season. It is no secret that he has strong ties to Miami, and has spent almost this entire year there. The Yankees hate him and he knows it. Wouldn’t it be great to trade him, even if we pay his salary, to the Marlins to assist in facilitating a deal like this? Casey McGhee is having an absolute fantastic season in Miami at third base. If they want to keep him, they can move him to first and try to move Garrett Jones’ contract elsewhere. He is going to make $5,000,000 next season, a lot of money for Miami and he is not exactly earning it by their standards. In fact, the Yankees could take that contract right off Miami’s hands. We’ll even pay the whole thing. Just deliver Stanton.

Giancarlo Stanton is one of the most coveted right fielders in all of baseball. Trade talks with the Marlins for Stanton have been linked to everyone from Houston to Boston. In acquiring Stanton, the Yankees are not only gaining a massive upgrade (sorry but Carlos Beltran sucks and we’re stuck with him for 2.5 more years), but we are ensuring the Red Sox do not add him to the AL East to play against us 20 times a year. As part of this trade, the Yankees will need to have him sign to an extension in the neighborhood of 8 years and $160,000,000 dollars. Giancarlo Stanton at $20,000,000 a year is an absolute steal when you remember some of the deals we are paying now, and that the luxury tax threshold will be increasing with the new coming CBA after the 2016 season. He would be just 33 at the end of the deal, assuming it knocks out his final two years of arbitration and begins in the 2015 season. This is a smart contract for a guy like Stanton if we can get our hands on him. I know we need help in a lot of positions, but securing right field for nearly a decade is worth the price.

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