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Editorial: "Yankees Fans Are Crack Addicts and Spoiled"-Joel Sherman

During Friday night’s broadcast of MLB Tonight on the MLB Network, Joel Sherman who is a baseball writer for the New York Post, compared fans of the New York Yankees to that of cracks addicts and said they are spoiled. “Yankees fans need to suffer through a couple of 76-win seasons…”.

The conversation was taking place on-air between Sherman, host Greg Amsinger, and former major league reliever Mitch Williams. Sherman and the crew were discussing how Yankees’ fans abandoned the team last season–one in which produced 85 hard fought wins, with less than championship-caliber talent on the field. Williams went on to say that the Yankees don’t rebuild, ever. Sherman continued by talking about how spoiled Yankees fans have been over the past two decades, and if the front office was going to cut budget and put less than adequate talent on the field for the Bombers with an eye towards getting under the $189 million dollar threshold, then why abandon that thought process now?

I’ve got a few thoughts of my own for Mr. Sherman. First of all, is he also referring to team captain Derek Jeter as a “crackhead”? Wasn’t it the face of the franchise himself who has stated on more than one occasion that anything short of a championship is considered failure? The Yankees don’t celebrate and hang banners all over the Cathedral for division crowns, Wild Card berths, and American League pennants. The Yankees are too much of a class organization for that. This is a franchise that has 27 World Series crowns, and in New York, anything short of that is indeed failure. It is not that Yankees fans are spoiled or addicted to crack cocaine. It’s the idea that in New York, second best is never acceptable, ever. New York is like no other sports city in the world, and one would think that Joel Sherman would understand that better than most.

Here’s another thought for Mr. Sherman: did he ever once think that with the opening of new Yankee Stadium, and the outrageous prices of tickets, parking, refreshments souvenirs and the like, that Yankees fans are dumb enough to support a franchise that is trying to rip them off on a nightly basis, while providing second-class talent for the cost? If the Yankees and their “House That George Built” was truly concerned about the Yankee fan, and their nightly support in the ballpark, then they should have adjusted prices accordingly when the front office–Brian Cashman specifically knew full well that the team was going to go forward with players like Lyle Overbay, Luis Cruz, Reid Brignac, and Ichiro Suzuki. Let’s face it, these guys were duds, a cheap carbon copy of what is expected in pinstripes. It’s not being spoiled when the team leads all of baseball year in and year out in player payroll, to expect more than 85 wins and the failure to reach the postseason.

Mr. Sherman, this isn’t the 1980s and Don Mattingly‘s Yankees. This isn’t even the late 1960s and early 1970s and CBS’ Yankees. This is the 21st century, and with a $1.5 billion dollar stadium that is less than six seasons old, you are damn right Yankees fans expect more. The franchise changed for the worse when George Steinbrenner died. It went from win at all costs, payroll be damned, to the corporate bottom line–making money for the Steinbrenner Brothers. The problem is, someone forgot to tell Yankees fans.

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  • docwilly

    the only crack-pot is Sherman. What a waste of readers time he is. (used to be for me)

  • roylevine

    Billy, I tend to agree a little more with Joel Sherman than with your article. As a 62 year old fan, I have been through the troughs of 1965 through 1975 and 1982 through 1994. Personally, I do not mind a year that is a true rebuilding year, when older players are traded and younger players are promoted. The Yankees pretty much were doing that in the year when they brought up Cabrera and Cano. They were doing this in 1995, as well. Being bad and having Youkilis, Hafner, Overbay etc is being bad without a future. I could see the minor league begin to produce in 2015. I am willing to write off the postseason to see that happen.

    • arth65456

      I agree with Roylevine here on the premise that I didn’t see last year as a failure. Nobody really expected the Yankees to do much and they still won 85 games. There wasn’t that feeling of failure. I do think if they did have losing seasons, you would see bandwagon fans leave a little bit. The crackhead reference was a little out of line on Sherman’s part also.

    • ikkf

      Well said. Every single team must go through a reset phase. With the Yanks, such a phase could be shorter and more successful than with other teams because of the club’s big checkbook.

      I think most of the fair-weather fans who called 2013 a “disaster” weren’t around to experience the four losing seasons of 1989-1992, especially 1990. 95 losses including their own no-hitter due to errors, Don Mattingly out with a career-threatening back injury, and a barren farm system. No light at the end of the tunnel. $100MM on the DL in 2013 and it STILL took 157 games to knock the Yanks out of contention. Now THAT is a good season!

      Jeter is right to say what he said, but he’s talking about how the players are supposed to approach the game. Jeter is NOT saying the front office should keep signing and overpaying veteran free agents as band aid solutions for a neglected farm system. The Yanks could rebuild and still have winning seasons if they were managed right. Just look at Boston and St. Louis. The Yanks have been putting off the “rebuild” part for the last 10+ years.

      The fair weather fans that call 2013 a “disaster” are the same people who insist on unsustainable policies that will make more seasons like 2013 inevitable: Whine so loudly that the front office keeps making panic moves and postponing a reset phase by signing more free agents. And yes, ticket prices are outrageous at the new Stadium, but that’s because the Yankees keep having to overpay all these high priced mercenary free agents to keep the fans from whining about not winning a title every single year!

  • GL 723

    Being a Yankee fan for over 55 years, I can assure you I did not ‘abandon’ my team last season. Granted some games were difficult to watch, but watch them I did and followed the box scores of ones I missed. All friends, relatives, co-workers know me as a die-hard NYY fan. So please, Messrs.. Sherman, Williams & Amsinger, do not be so presumptuous to speak for me or thousands of other NYY fans.
    I understand this time of year is slow for the MLB pundits, but please refrain from embarrassing yourselves with ridiculous statements that have no bearing or truth behind them. I do enjoy the MLBNetwork programming…just keep it real, okay?

  • Corethree

    Who’s Joel Sherman??…… hah!!

  • Tim Leonard

    This is one of the dumbest articles I’ve ever read. And I am a HUGE Yankees fan.

    First off, to say “The Yankees don’t celebrate and hang banners all over the Cathedral for division crowns, Wild Card berths, and American League pennants. The Yankees are too much of a class organization for that.” is just arrogant, ignorant and dumb. It also plays into the exact point Sherman is making. As Yankees fans, we are spoiled. No team in professional sports is owed a spot in the playoffs. This comment plays into this insane notion that a season is a failure without a World Series title. Are you saying the Pittsburgh Pirates hanging a banner for making the playoffs for the first time in 20-something years are not a “class organization”? If so, you’re a complete asshole.

    Second, the assertion that the Yankees should have adjusted ticket and concession prices after the spate of injuries in Spring Training and early in the season might be the most ill-informed thing I’ve ever seen in print. HOW, Mr. Brost, would you propose that a team lower prices after tickets already have gone on sale. Also wouldn’t the lowering of ticket/concession prices also indicate the team has lowered expectations and is giving up on the season How would you as a fan react to that? You’d be seething and insisting something be done.

    This postseason or bust attitude hurts the Yankees. Truth be told, Cano should have been traded last season. We could have gotten a huge haul of prospects in return. Combine that with the three picks the Yankees had in the first round (Jagielo, Clarkin and Judge), and it would have been a quick and easy rebuild with the possibility of having the base for another dynasty kind of run like the late-90s. Instead, Cashman and the braintrust decided to try to sneak into a wildcard spot to satisfy idiots like you. And, no, that is not 20-20 hindsight. I was saying that in July. If anything, the Yankees overachieved last season. They had a small window to get things turned around in a minimum amount of time and they ignored it. That decision was almost as bad as this article.

    • YanksFanSG

      I thought I was the only one screaming to trade Cano last year? Can you imagine the haul we could’ve gotten for him? I was getting hammered by Yankees fans when I said it, but every prudent team out there trades superstars to restock. Ugh. Great post. Couldn’t have said it better myself.

      • Tim Leonard

        We obviously did not have the pitching last season for any kind of extended run in the postseason. Why the front office didn’t see that is likely because of the demented idiots that insist on “World Series or Bust” every season. We still don’t have the necessary pitching, no matter how much money is spent this offseason. The pitchers just aren’t available. The one move I DO like is if you’re going to go out and get free agents, you might as well get 2 or 3 or 4 of them. I’d rather give up a 2nd and 3rd round pick in the next draft than give up a first-round pick every year. Also good is that we will get picks in return for Cano and Granderson

  • Gregg Brennan

    Having lived through the fallow 1982-1993 period, and seen teams where Mel Hall was the clean up hitter and Oscar Azocar was playing left field I understand that everything goes in cycles. George spent the 1980′s trying to quick-fix the Yanks by buying free agents like Steve Kemp and Ed Whitson, rather than developing the farm system, and that led to the 1990-1992 Yankees. The only reason the late 90′s dynasty happened was George was banned from baseball and Gene Michael was allowed to re-build the team with homegrown players like Bernie Williams, Andy Pettitte, Derek Jeter and Mo Rivera. No team wins all the time and after 20 incredible years, Yankee fans need to realize that another fallow period may be at hand, but it should lead to greater things down the line if we can rebuild from within.

    • Tim Leonard

      Agreed, Gregg. But had the Yankees dealt Cano in July/August, they could have received two elite prospects and another very good one. Combined with the three picks in the last draft, the Yankees could have been poised for another dynasty like the late-90s. Simply put, as much as I like Cashman, he blew it.