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Mark Cuban To Buy The Yankees?

Forty-years ago, George Steinbrenner stormed into The Bronx to shake up the organizational culture and snap the New York Yankees back on track. Now it is time for new blood, new ownership to forge a new direction. Recent comments made on the Tonight Show revealed that the top man to resurrect the dynasty, the one who should grab the torch, is Mark Cuban!

“Hold on a minute,” you say. That’ll never happen? Well, let’s look at this step by step to see just how realistic it is.

First, would baseball let Cuban in? He commented that Bud Selig doesn’t like guys that challenge his authority. The last time Cuban attempted baseball ownership he claims that baseball did everything it could to keep him out.

So why would baseball change now? Well, we keep hearing that the most paramount factor is the “best interest of baseball” right? If Selig really means this, if it is not just a pile of horse manure, than he would have to either let Cuban take over the Yankees, or accept his status as a hypocrite.

This is because there is nothing that is more “in the best interest” of baseball than having the Yankees challenging at the top. Cuban could cruise into New York City like a rock star. He could roll up his sleeves and get the job done. His attitude of cutting through the BS is what the Yankees need. He wouldn’t sit on his hands as the current ownership is doing.

Yeah, I know that everything that could go wrong this year has. And, yes, I still believe the Yankees will make the playoffs, anyway. But this is about the big picture. The Yankees have been in decline since 2009.

Now, the question becomes, would Cuban want to do it? From what we know about his ego, how could he dodge the challenge? He would assume the throne as the owner of the top franchise in sports. Whether he likes the Yankees or not, the allure of the Yankees tradition and the spotlight that goes with it would feed his ego like nothing ever has. Whether he admits this or not, he knows it is true.

The final step is- would Hal and Hank put their daddy’s jewel up for sale? This is where the fans come in. We need to band together. We need to stand up and make our voices heard. We need a change. The fact is, if George were around he would never stand for what is going on. He would take the toy away from Hal and Hank and send them to their rooms.

Maybe you like Mark Cuban. Maybe you don’t. Maybe you have a different idea of who the right person is to change the Yankees culture and snap them back on track. But you can’t deny that somebody has to do it.

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