O'Neill, Tino Are Yanks I Strongly Like

When I last blogged, I wrote about Yankees of the past that I “love”, like Yogi Berra, Whitey Ford and Mickey Mantle, to name a few.

In this post, I’ll focus a bit on Yanks I “strongly like” and hopefully won’t miss too many obvious players. If I do, feel free to leave a comment to blast me, though on a great franchise like this it can be difficult to name everyone.

OK….Yanks I “strongly like” include:

Reggie Jackson: Sheesh, Mr. October could and maybe should have made the “love” list with all those legendary homers. Watching him strike out was exciting, even if watching Reg’s fielding was an “adventure”.

Roger Maris: OK, so Maris came off as a bit of a sad figure at times, but it’s still amazing to know he hit more homers than Mickey Mantle in that one glorious summer. The guy was a heck of an outfielder and pro overall.

David Cone:  Such a good guy, so easy to like. Such a smooth and consistent pitcher too you kind of wish he was with Yankees for larger part of career.

David Wells:  One of the game’s great characters, though it hurt seeing him pitch for so many of the Yanks AL East rivals over the years. At the end of the day, however, the San Diego native is still a Yankee.

Tino Martinez:  “Professional” can be overused when it comes to this team, but Tino is the epitome of the word with his steady play in the field and at the plate.

Paul O’Neill: Above average hitter, above-average fielder was a great leader and “typical” Yankee even if he may be known as much for his play with the Reds.

Bernie Williams: Smooth player, class act. Glad he played his entire career with Yanks, as it makes “Bern, Baby Bern” all the more memorable.

Ron Guidry: Often as a kid I would turn the channel to watch another team bat — OK, I admit the Mets—while the Yanks were in the field. Not when “Gator” pitched, however, as he was one of baseball’s best and most exciting hurlers in his day.

Jorge Posada: Hard to believe we won’t see Jorge play this coming season, but he made the right decision to retire as a Yankee rather than fade with another team. Jorge was a solid catcher and good clutch hitter who will be missed.

Speaking of “missed”, I am sure I missed several Yanks I “strongly like” and may have  to do a follow-up.

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