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Lineup plus injury news

Some less-than-encouraging injury news out of the Bronx on Wednesday:

  • Swish Dog says his injured left biceps is a “one-more-day kind of thing” and he feels good but “there’s still something there.” He tried to take batting practice during Tuesday’s game in an effort to pinch hit, but felt he couldn’t go.
  • Georgie went for an MRI on his foot Wednesday. No word on the results, but the (semi) good news is that Girardi said he would go to Posada before he went to Ramiro Pena if — God forbid — Cervelli got hurt.
  • Nick The Stick is at The Stadium in an arm sling…
  • The Yanks made a roster move, as they sent outfielder Greg Golson down and recalled pitcher Mark Melancon. Girardi says it was because, “We felt we needed the pitching more.” I guess having 13 pitchers outweighs having a baron bench and a bush-league outfield. Although Sergio Mitre won’t be available until Thursday, so it kind of makes sense.
  • Remember that protest from Tuesday’s game? I’ve got a funny feeling it’s not going to go through.

As for Wednesday’s lineup against the Rays:

  1. Jeet SS
  2. Gardner CF
  3. Tex DH
  4. A-Rod 3B
  5. Cano 2B
  6. Cervelli C
  7. Thames RF
  8. Juan Miranda 1B
  9. Randy Winn LF

On the bump is AJ, who will be opposed by Wade Davis. LET’S GO YANKS!!!!

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