Yanks fall to Sox in first game of season

I’m going to make this short and sweet because it was only the first of 162 games this season. Yes, the Yanks choked on a fat cock against their bitter rivals, 9-7, Sunday night in the season opener, but there were a lot more some positives to come out of Fenway than negatives.

I’ll start with the pros. First, the team was hitting. The Good Guys pounded out 12 hits and scored seven runs; in any other game that is usually a W (and by W I mean a win, not this A-hole). Plus, the Yanks drew six walks and got to Beckett early and often. Perhaps most importantly, the Yankees executed a double steal with Gardner nabbing home! I’ll take that. Furthermore, Georgie is batting .750 on the season with a dingy off Pesky’s Pole. Also, we can’t forget the fact that CURTIS GRANDERSON got on base against a lefty (and he also blasted a 455-foot homer and made a nice catch)!!!!!! That’s something to write home about.

On to the cons. Girardi pulled a Torre and left CC in for WAY too long. It’s the first game of the season, why have your ace throw 104 pitches? In my opinion, he should have been yanked in the fifth, let alone not been out there for the sixth. The whole game plays out differently if Girardi makes the call to the bullpen in the fifth. But since he didn’t, D-Rob should have gotten more than two outs. There was no need to bring in Chan Ho. I get the fact that maybe he just wanted to see what he had with CHP and build confidence, but why even bother when Robertson was handling his business? The bullpen, and Girardi’s handling of it, shit the bed big time tonight. Oh, and Swisher’s handling of Youkilis’ triple was an abomination. Thanks for mutton Swish Dog, way to take the worst possible route to the ball; that could’ve been a double. Gardner made a couple of asshole plays in the field too, but that steal of home kind of made up for it.

Fine. The Sox can take the first game of 2010 from the Yanks. Hell, they can have the first eight; they did so in 2009 and we all remember how that panned out.

The worst part about this defeat is that we’ll have to stew in our juices for two days until the teams take the field again. There are few things in this world that are worse than a day off after a loss. One of them is a day off after an Opening-Day loss to your bitter rivals during a game you should have won. This might not have been a game the Yankees needed, but it was certainly one they could/should have won. “Regahdless,” it’s just good to have baseball back. I’ve missed you old friend.

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