Yankees 2010 season preview

With just over 53 hours to go before the season begins, I thought I’d preview how the campaign will play out. If the team can get healthy by Opening Night, and stay that way for about 7 months, there is no telling how many games the team can win. Obviously, that is easier said than done. Injuries are a big part of the game and, with the team staying relatively healthy last season, they are probably due for a couple of trips to the DL…maybe even worse as the team is getting up there in age.

As far as the pitching goes, CC Sabathia has thrown 724 innings over the last three seasons — in the regular season alone!! That’s not taking into account him going on short rest and his playoff innings. I guess when you weigh almost 300 pounds you can get away with that, but I’m nervous as to if/when that will catch up to him. Hopefully it will be after his seven-year deal in pinstripes is up. AJ Burnett might also be in for some arm trouble, as in 2009 he made 30+ starts and broke 200 innings in consecutive seasons for the first time in his career. That might be bad news, but you’ve got to be optimistic in times like these. Go get ‘em AJ!! Andy Pettitte will be 38 in June and failed to reach 200 innings in 2009 for just the fifth time in his illustrious career. It pains me to say anything negative about Andy — especially after last postseason and all he’s done for the organization — but if there ever was a pitcher I’m holding my breath for, it’s Pettitte. Javy Vazquez was stellar last year for the Bravos, but the AL East is A LOT different than the NL East. Plus, his ERA in the AL has been below 4.67 once in four campaigns– 3.74 with the ChiSox in ’07. I wish him well and would never root against a Yankees pitcher, but I still haven’t gotten over his last pitch in pinstripes. Phil Hughes, well the  less said about the whole Hughes/Joba debacle the better. I’m sick of that whole ordeal and am just hoping for the best.

Don’t get me started on how they’re treating Joba. With all the injuries to the bullpen — Aceves and now Marte — the Yanks will need the rotation to eat a lot of innings, especially CC (hell yeah pun intended). As long as D-Rob stays healthy, Mitre pulls his weight, Chan Ho puts up good numbers and Joba continues his dominance out of the ‘pen they should be in good shape. I already miss Chad Gaudin. Regardless, when you have a gift from God himself coming out to close games you really have no reason to complain.

The outfield for Opening Night has been set — with Gardner in left, Grandy in center and Swish Dog in right — but apparently it was set before Spring Training even began. Whatever, I’ve got no qualms with that setting and believe it is the right way to go. Although I’m still kind of pissed they gave Hoffman back to the Dodgers; I was sad to see him go.

The backstops have been getting dinged up recently, with Posada suffering from a stiff neck and Cervelli sustaining a Grade 1 hamstring strain. But neither is expected to miss the opener against the BoSox. Mike Rivera handled the catching duties on Friday against the O’s. I’m not too concerned with the catcher position, though Posada is getting up there in age and one can only wonder how long he can continue to fight off father time. But whatever happens, we can’t forget that Jesus Saves.

Speaking of injuries, Tex got beaned in the right elbow earlier this week but came back to have a pair of hits on Thursday. He should be good to go on Sunday and is not concerned about the injury acting up again. A-Rod also gave us a scare after fouling a ball off his foot, but he stayed in the game. It didn’t seem to effect his performance and he, too, should be good to go on  Easter. This just in, Nick Johnson is the latest Yankee to get bitten by the injury bug. Nick The Stick fouled a ball off his right knee and was taken out of Friday’s tilt against the O’s. As of right now (about 2:45 pm on Friday) he is labeled as day-to-day with no diagnostic tests scheduled. For those of you who had the over (1.5) of Nick Johnson injuries before the season started you win!!!!!!!

Jeter is old but coming off one of his best seasons and in a contract year, so I have hope that he will continue his dominance. Cano also had one of his best seasons and many experts are picking him to make a run for the batting title and/or a gold glove. I’ll take either one of those.

I have faith in the Yankees and their front office, I know they will have a backup plan ready and will pull out all the stops to win. But however the 2010 season plays out (hopefully like this), we should be in for a season of history; many Yankees are approaching career milestones, so enjoy watching this team. In the near future we might be seeing some of these guys inducted into the Hall of Fame.


AL East

  1. Yankees 96-66
  2. Red Sox 93-69
  3. Rays 88-74
  4. Orioles 72-90
  5. Blue Jays 69-93

AL Central

  1. Twins 90-72
  2. Tigers 87-75
  3. White Sox 80-82
  4. Royals 71-91
  5. Indians 63-99

AL West

  1. Mariners 88-74
  2. Angels 87-75
  3. Rangers 80-82
  4. A’s 77-85

NL East

  1. Phillies 94-68
  2. Braves 89-73
  3. Marlins 75-87
  4. Nats 71-91
  5. Mets 68-94

NL Central

  1. Cardinals 92-70
  2. Cubs 87-75
  3. Reds 80-82
  4. Brewers 77-85
  5. Pirates 72-90
  6. Astros 66-96

NL West

  1. Dodgers 90-72
  2. Rockies 88-74
  3. Fake G-Men 84-78
  4. D’Bags 77-85
  5. Padres 69-93


Yanks over Mariners (3-0), Twins over Red Sox (3-2)


Phillies over Dodgers (3-1), Cards over Braves (3-0)


Yanks over Twins (4-2)


Cards over Phillies (4-3)

World Series

Yanks over Cards (4-3)

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