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After eight games of grueling competition and the assessment by a panel of me, myself, and I, the tally has been made official and Nick Swisher is the best New York Yankees acquisition during the offseason. The voters have said the following about Swisher’s competition…


      A-Rod can suck it! (

    Editor’s Note: Alex Rodriguez was not an official contestant

    • CC Sabathia has been up and down like any food he happens to be holding
    • Mark Teixeira wrist hurts… guess what, so does mine when I think about how bad I feel for Mark Teixeira
    • AJ Burnett is looking like “Dawson Creek” Katie Holmes right now, but you know at any moment he can get injured and become “Married To Tom Cruise” Katie Holmes

    By the end of the premature competition, Swish turned out to be “el hombre” and while he isn’t anything close to the “El Hombre” (with initial capital letters), Albert Pujols, Swisher sure is hitting like he’s the St. Louis Cardinals first baseman. Peep the numbers after the first eight contests: .458 BA/4 HR/11 RBI/10 R/1.744 OPS in 24 AB. YOWZA!

    Of course the guy isn’t going to keep up with this pace, but considering his 2009 salary of $5.3 million compared to Teixeira’s 2009 salary of $20 million, well, Swish will easily give the Yankees more value. In fact, if the Bronx Bombers didn’t sneak in like Sho Kosugi on the Teixeira talks, stealing him from the Boston Red Sox, Swisher would be your regular everyday normal guy at first base. Instead, now, Joe Girardi has to get creative and keep Swish’s bat in the mix!

    In addition to his batwork and pitching, Swisher is also involved with charities that benefit children and the troops amongst other things, loved his grandmother before her unfortunate passing in 2005, but most importantly to us hyper-testosterone-fueled readers of sports blogs, Swisher went out with this classy woman, Danielle Gamba (NSFW):


    And after breaking up with Gamba, a former Playmate, Swisher moved on to former model turned head of a modeling agency, Catherine Panagiotopoulos. Picture to the left… now is it me or does she look like Juliet from “Lost”?

    In any case, Nick Swisher is obviously on a roll both on and off the field, but how much burn will Swisher get during the season? And by “burn” I mean time on the field and not a really bad case of herpes. Looking at Swish’s career stats, he really can’t hit for average at all, but does get on base a lot thanks to drawing walks, and has a decent amount of power. So, really, we just need more Swish during the season moving forward… if anything to see his hot chick and her employees in the stands.

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