Yankees: 3 mistakes NYY fans are lucky Cashman didn’t make

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MINNEAPOLIS, MN – JUNE 21: Byron Buxton #25 of the Minnesota Twins runs against the Cincinnati Reds on June 21, 2021 at Target Field in Minneapolis, Minnesota. (Photo by Brace Hemmelgarn/Minnesota Twins/Getty Images) /

1. Buy Byron Buxton

We were interested in Byron Buxton in pinstripes. One of the most electric players in the game — when he plays — Buxton seemed like a Ninja Cash maneuver, even stealthier than the Rizzo trade.

Alas, Buxton is deeply flawed. One of the game’s biggest stars (right now, after leveling up in 2021), he’s hit the IL for a laundry list of ailments, the length of which would make Aaron Judge blanch. Giving up a haul for Buxton would be akin to trading the bulk of the farm for Mark Prior back in the day, or Derrick Rose three years into his absence from the NBA. We just…don’t…know. Could’ve justified it for some solid prospects, can’t justify what Minnesota was asking for.

Per rumors, the Twins sought Anthony Volpe, Clarke Schmidt, Estevan Florial and two more prospects.

We can believe it, too, considering what they purged for Berrios.

Remember when everyone was laughing at the Yankees for “decimating” the farm for Gallo, even though they mostly stayed out of their top 10 prospects and traded from depth? This would’ve been a dose of the decimation everyone was begging for, and it would’ve come in exchange for a tantalizing talent who’s not on the field often enough.

Thanks for chatting, but noooo thanks to your proposal. Good job, Cashman.