Yankees: 3 trade pieces NYY should buy for 2022 season

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Bryan Reynolds #10 of the Pittsburgh Pirates (Photo by Lachlan Cunningham/Getty Images) /

1. Bryan Reynolds

The other two options on this list would be helpful supplements for the Yankees.

Bryan Reynolds could be generational.

The switch-hitting outfielder, and one of two All-Star starters for the moribund Pittsburgh Pirates in 2021, has racked up 3.8 WAR with a 150 OPS+  this season, his age-26 campaign. Reynolds is only now approaching his peak, and will give any team that acquires him 4.5 full years of control. It will take an absolute haul to get him, and since the Gerrit Cole fiasco, the Yankees and Pirates have oddly been the best of friends during trade conversations, liking up multiple times to swap projectable pitchers and spare parts (hello, Clay Holmes).

Reynolds is an excellent combination of power, speed, contact, and defense, and is one of (don’t say it) the few options (don’t say it) that you might consider trading Jasson Dominguez for. Don’t shoot the messenger, but it’s going to cost an awful lot. If the Miguel Andújars and Clint Fraziers of the world didn’t get it done for Cole, they surely won’t even begin to nudge the needle here.

Reynolds has the prospect pedigree for all of this to be real. He might be a true-talent batting champion with 25+ homer power, and his career is at the very beginning. Typically, when bad teams stare big trades in the mouth, they have to ask themselves, “Will X Player be a part of our next great team?”

If the Pirates don’t think their next contender is arriving within the next five years, they should probably fold up shop. Reynolds could, and should, be the cornerstone of their next playoff team.

However … this team doesn’t always act rationally. Make the call. All we’re asking.