Yankees: 3 trades NYY should pursue with Cincinnati Reds

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ST LOUIS, MO – AUGUST 20: Sonny Gray #54 of the Cincinnati Reds pitches against the St. Louis Cardinals at Busch Stadium on August 20, 2020 in St Louis, Missouri. (Photo by Dilip Vishwanat/Getty Images) /

1. Trading for Sonny Gray (or Luis Castillo!)

People are talking. Talking ’bout people. Those people are the Yankees, who might trade for Sonny Gray.

I will forgive you if you do not read this blurb. Just, like, don’t message me specifically to tell me you didn’t read it. Then I’ll feel bad.

Acknowledging that the ceiling on a potential Yankees-Sonny Gray trade may be identical to the floor (in that there’s almost no chance that it’ll really happen), it’s important to note that everything wrong with Gray’s tenure in the Bronx will be gone in 2021. Specifically, Larry Rothschild and, well, some of the fans.

Would Gray commit to the Yanks knowing that fans would be ready to jump at him at the first sign of weakness? Probably not. But the infrastructure’s very different this time around, and Matt Blake is a nurturer who we wish had gotten his hands on the righty in the first place. Something tells me the new Yankees wouldn’t tell Gray to abandon his pitches.

If the Reds and Yankees really do get frisky on a Gray trade, it would probably take No. 4 prospect Oswaldo Peraza, No. 5 prospect Luis Gil, and an upside play like Andujar. It’s even possible that, given the cost for one year of Lance Lynn, Clarke Schmidt and Deivi Garcia would get involved, too — and quite likely, taking into account the two years of control on Gray, pre-team option. That we cannot endorse.

But, um…what about both Schmidt and Garcia for Luis Castillo? It seems as if he’s untouchable in the moment, but each week, the Reds begin to peel another corner of the covers off their current roster. Schmidt, Garcia and Estevan Florial for Castillo. A regional sports blog can dream.