Red Sox latest move after layoffs is a complete embarrassment


The Red Sox have no credibility left after saving money, firing employees and using the cash to…buy another team?!

The Boston Red Sox have spent every second since a fan dented the 2018 World Series trophy with a well-thrown full can of beer embarrassing themselves, so why stop now?

First, it was the dismissal of Alex Cora over two different buckets of cheating allegations which we knew would eventually be reversed. And what do you know? Half a year later, Cora was rehired, with no fuss and no muss.

Then came the Mookie Betts trade, which spawned 1,000s of unrelentingly awkward press conferences where Red Sox ownership attempted to justify the deal, haughtily announcing that they’d be getting the last laugh when Betts hit .260 in 2031. Even the social media team was in on the grift, tweeting the reset button on the day the last-place Red Sox snuck under the luxury tax threshold. Congratulations!

Just before the holidays, it seems the team’s ownership group has further proved they’re reprehensible on Thursday, pivoting to acquiring yet another major North American sports team with their savings. Not reinvesting the winnings into their Sox payroll. Certainly not rehiring low-level employees who were recently subjected to massive layoffs, and weren’t afforded the same courtesy as Cora. No, no. Never.

According to Michael Silverman of the Boston Globe, John Henry and Co. are considering a team from the NHL, NBA, NFL, WNBA, MLS, or NWSL as an addition to their portfolio. Fun for them!

They are not, however, considering using their money to bring back any of the 10% of full-time staffers laid off in mid-September, amounting to 40 jobs, including that of long-time team historian Gordon Edes.

Cora, allowed to waltz back to his old job after a 60-game vacation with no repercussions, apparently wasn’t held to the same standard of excellence as 40 long-time employees who did nothing wrong. And now a whole new franchise is about to join the fray! If they have any questions about being mismanaged, they know who to ask!

Truly, I’m not sure when the Red Sox ownership group that brought four titles to a championship-starved fanbase became massive grifters. At some point, these effete billionaires could’ve retired and been hailed as regional heroes eternally, right?

Well, no longer. Perhaps if the Sox shave another level off their payroll, that additional flexibility could be used on a chocolate fountain?

But not a chocolate fountain for you, sorry.