3 former Yankees Brian Cashman should avoid signing in free agency

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New York Yankees, Didi Gregorius
Didi Gregorius #18 of the New York Yankees – (Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images) /

1. Didi Gregorius

The Yankees don’t need to patch up a relationship with Didi Gregorius to fill their middle infield void.

We’re glad Didi Gregorius had a bounce-back 2020 shortened season in Philadelphia. Of course we are!

But this is a relationship that won’t be fixed easily, and there’s no reason to wedge Gregorius (without a defined role) into the 2021 clubhouse.

You may have missed his recent interview on WFAN, where he took aim at Aaron Boone’s by-the-book style and helped facilitate Gary Sanchez’s escape from the Bronx. He didn’t exactly sound enthusiastic about the potential of settling into the clubhouse once more. Extremely sad, but it is what it is. No use forcing it.

(Lowers voice) Especially when you realize that Gregorius’ hard-hit rate declined precipitously in 2020, and he actually seems like a prime regression candidate on the next deal he signs.

We wish Didi all the best forever. He’s a Yankees fan favorite with very good reason. But if you’re looking for a short-term shortstop to account for Gleyber Torres’ struggles, Gregorius doesn’t have any plans to be that. Andrelton Simmons or Tommy La Stella are probably your guys there.

Gregorius wants to cash in one more time on the strength of his ’20 campaign, and the Yanks (at best) want a tutor in the shortstop spot. No need to force this fit.