Yankees: 3 Luke Voit trades Brian Cashman has to explore

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Daniel Vogelbach #21 of the Milwaukee Brewers (Photo by Quinn Harris/Getty Images) /

2. Voit to the Brewers

The Yankees could certainly help the Brewers out with their first base situation.

Luke Voit, or Ryon Healy? Luke Voit, or beefy stopgap Dan Vogelbach? If you’re willing to go with Vogey in the short-term, you should definitely be willing to entertain Voit, an upgraded version of the exact same package, in the long-term.

Plus, you’d get to taunt the Cardinals every year, who gave Voit up for a fungible bullpen arm. Win-win!

Perhaps lefty Aaron Ashby (No. 6) and MLB-ready OF Corey Ray (No. 10) could be worked out in exchange? A Voit trade is tough, because while he was the best slugger in the American League this year (upper echelon, look it up), it could be difficult to pry multiple top-end prospects away for a bat-first first baseman.

Depends on how close the team believes they are to contention, though, and also how weak the perceived prospect pool is.

The Brewers clearly don’t think they’re far off (heck, they had just as strong a regular season as the Astros and made their way into the October fray!), and don’t have a particularly strong farm system. Maybe the Yankees can swipe someone they believe to be the next Voit here.