Yankees: 3 relievers you probably haven’t heard of NYY should target at trade deadline

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AUGUST 25: Brent Suter #35 of the Milwaukee Brewers (Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images)
AUGUST 25: Brent Suter #35 of the Milwaukee Brewers (Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images) /

2. Brent Suter

The Brewers might be inclined to move Brent Suter, and the Yankees should strike.

The Milwaukee Brewers are the Rangers’ NL counterparts. They’re underachieving despite possessing playoff expectations heading into the shortened season, and they could be inclined to sell in the coming days. And, guys, Josh Hader probably isn’t going anywhere, so let’s add him to the list of stars the Yankees will not acquire.

But Milwaukee does have another lefty in the bullpen that’s been impressing. Brent Suter has only played in 18 games the last two years in his full-time transition to a relief role, but he’s been solid. Perhaps Cashman can get him on the cheaper side given those circumstances.

The lefty — which the Yankees NEED after the release of Luis Avilan — is 6-0 with a 1.91 ERA in 33 innings dating back to last season. Not bad! And those numbers are actually inflated because he was tattooed in his first two outings of 2020 against the Cubs and Pirates, allowing four earned runs on six hits and a walk in 4.1 innings of work.

He’s been cruising ever since, and with the Brew Crew sitting at 14-17 in need of rebuilding their farm system/injecting this lineup and rotation with some young talent, Suter could be on the move. The Yankees have plenty to offer, so if the Brewers are willing to negotiate fairly, this could be a perfect match.

Quick note: he’s not overpowering, averaging just 86 MPH on his fastball, but he’s got great off-speed stuff (curveball and changeup) which will help add another element to the deep Yankees bullpen.