Yankees: 3 Gary Sanchez trades that can clear path for JT Realmuto signing

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Here are three Gary Sanchez trades that would clear a path for the Yankees to sign JT Realmuto in free agency.

It feels weird to say, since the New York Yankees are only 23 games into the current season — which is dangerously close to half of the 60-game sprint, by the way — but the trade deadline is rapidly approaching.

If history has taught us anything, it’s that the club will be looking to improve its roster in ways that will only bolster its already favorable World Series odds.

However, while there’s no doubting that general manager Brian Cashman will approach the deadline with that mindset, we wouldn’t be surprised if he’s more focused once 2020 ends on wheeling and dealing to clear room for potential signings in free agency.

Whether fans in the Bronx would like to admit it or not, the Yankees have a Gary Sanchez-sized problem at catcher. Through 65 at bats (20 games), the 27-year-old is hitting .138/.253/.385 with five home runs and nine RBI. It would probably be easier to say that he has just nine hits, but who doesn’t love a good slash line?

Despite being the second-best offensive catcher in MLB history, the two-time All-Star has unfortunately become a one-trick pony. Either he demolishes a ball over 400 feet, or he looks completely lost en route to striking out. On top of that, he’s giving up pass balls far too often behind the plate.

It honestly might just be better for the Yankees to trade Sanchez this offseason to make room for them to sign the undisputed best catcher in baseball, JT Realmuto, if the Phillies don’t plan on paying him (something they absolutely should’ve taken care of already before his recent hot streak). With that in mind, here are three packages that could make that dream a reality.

Brewers catcher Omar Narvaez (Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images) /

3. Sanchez to the Milwaukee Brewers

The Yankees would be smart to target teams in need of a catcher, and the Milwaukee Brewers clearly fill that bill. After losing Yasmani Grandal to free agency, the club has been rolling with Omar Narvaez as its starter behind the plate.

To say last offseason’s trade acquisition hasn’t panned out for Milwaukee would be an understatement, as he’s hitting a lousy .133/.278/.156 with just three RBI. His lack of production has forced the Brewers hand in starting him just 16 hames thus far. To be fair, 33-year-old backup Manny Pina has been serviceable, but Milwaukee is likely looking for an alternative option for next season and beyond.

Despite Sanchez’s struggles, he’s still one of the most valuable catchers in MLB. In our eyes, a player of his caliber should require two top 20 prospects in any trade. He’s also under club control through the 2022 campaign. If New York could haggle the Brewers into unloading left-hander Antoine Kelly, who MLB.com has rated as their No. 7 overall prospect, that would be perfect. Milwaukee could then maybe throw in in catcher Payton Henry (No. 18) to give the Yankees some insurance at the position and complete the deal.