Yankees: 3 burning questions before Opening Day

New York Yankees Miguel Andujar smiles (Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images)
New York Yankees Miguel Andujar smiles (Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images) /
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Miguel Andújar #41 of the New York Yankees (Photo by John Capella/Sports Imagery/Getty Images) /

1. Where Does Miguel Andujar Fit in?

Andujar will have to wait until an everyday opportunity presents itself.

You know the Yankees are loaded with talent this year when Miguel Andujar doesn’t really have a role, at least for Opening Day. The former Rookie of the Year runner-up looks primed for a strong comeback and seeing him get work at multiple positions has fans excited for his return.

Sadly, nothing is clear or set in stone for the young slugger. The overwhelming feeling is that Andujar will be an important piece for New York this season. His place just hasn’t materialized yet.

At the moment, Andujar looks like the backup third baseman, secondary designated hitter, and an emergency option in the outfield and first base. Now, Andujar’s bat is good enough to make him an everyday player on most clubs, but if Gio Urshela is holding his own at the plate, there may not be much reason to sit him often, especially with Andujar’s lackluster glove.

Much like the overabundance of outfield talent, sometimes injuries and poor play from others can open the door. It may take a few weeks, but Andujar could find himself as an everyday (or at least consistent) player and hopefully rekindle his 2018 form.

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