Yankees: 6 Untouchables Who Should Not Be in Trade Talks

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This out-of-this-world prospect needs to remain in the Yankees farm system.

OF Jasson Dominguez

Jasson Dominguez lands on my untouchables list even before he has played his first professional game. His debut, which was set for this summer, may not happen until 2021. It still doesn’t make a difference — the Yankees need to hang on to this prospect.

When a prospect is compared to  Mike Trout and Mickey Mantle, there better be a ridiculously good player on the board, even when that prospect is as raw as Dominguez. New York signed the then-16-year-old Dominguez for a franchise-record $5.1 million, nearly all of their allocated international signing bonus pool money.

According to multiple scouting reports, Dominguez has the physical attributes every team is looking for. Ben Badler of Baseball America also wrote a piece in 2019 detailing that not only is Dominguez a physical specimen and has all of the tools needed to succeed in the bigs, but he has a strong understanding of the game, even as a teenager.

“Watching him longer, it’s clear that Dominguez is more than just a raw athlete, but a relatively polished baseball player for 16, someone who has been playing in games his whole life. He has developed a clock for the game and a baseball IQ that’s advanced for his age and could help him move quickly, like the paths his compatriots Juan Soto, Fernando Tatis Jr., Vladimir Guerrero Jr. and Wander Franco have taken,” Badler wrote. Yeah, we’ll take that.

Dominguez’s journey is in its infancy. However, the Yankees might be kicking themselves if they don’t make the journey alongside him.