Yankees undermined by two former players in Astros sign-stealing scandal

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Who was the mastermind, Alex Cora or Carlos Beltran?

Somber Red Sox executives, as they explained during their news conference on Wednesday, had no choice but to cut ties with their much admired and well-liked field general. Disciplinary action for him by MLB is pending, and his punishment will likely be severe, perhaps a two-year suspension or more.

According to Red Sox executives, Cora expressed remorse for his actions and apologized to the club when they met with him. MLB is continuing its investigation of the Red Sox for sign stealing as well, and Sox executives refused to address any questions concerning that inquiry. Avoiding comments on the ongoing investigation by the Commissioner’s office was the correct thing to do on their part.

In November 2019, Carlos Beltran became the new manager of the New York Mets. He received a three-year contract with a club option for a fourth year. On Thursday, the Mets let him go because of his active involvement in the Astros’ electronic sign-stealing.

The Mets, like the Red Sox with Cora, portrayed the dismissal as a mutual parting of ways. The immediate release of Cora by the Sox and the intense media focus on the scandal left the Mets no choice but to let Beltran go.

Similar to the Red Sox, the executives of the Mets said that it wasn’t an easy decision and that Carlos was honest and forthcoming with them. Similar to Cora, Beltran admitted his guilt and was remorseful. And like Cora, Beltran may very well return to professional baseball in some capacity in the future.